Think Particle Building Generator


The Think Particle Building Generator is designed to help you create a variety of architectural designs quickly and powerfully.


Beautiful Buildings


It has never before been this easy to create and design beautiful buildings for your projects in Cinema 4D. The Think Particle Building Generator is designed to help you create a variety of architectural designs quickly and powerfully. There are so many different variations you can create. We think you, your clients, and even your mother are going to love it!

Powerful Building Design
Powerfully Designed

Using advanced Xpresso and Python development with clean and simple user interface design we have developed a product that makes sense. The hard work is taken care of by our product. You just open it up in your scene, tell it where to go, how many windows and floors it needs, then how the bevels should look.

We will be the first to tell you how easy the product is to use, but that doesn’t mean it’s not powerful! This building generator can flex and be pushed in many ways.

Ease of Use


The building generator is designed to be simple to use and make sense. We have cleanly laid out our user controls for you to fiddle with and tweak till your perfect building is complete.

Tons of Features

The building generator can do many things. Here’s a list of some of the most prominent features it holds:

  • Design custom exterior layouts
  • Preview mode & Render mode for powerful layout controls
  • Toggle every element on and off
  • Direct access to phong and material tags
  • A powerful material manager
  • Name your customized building in the UI
  • Control quantity and height of floors
  • Control quantity, height, and width of windows
  • Manual position offset for every element
  • Custom profile splines for every bevel and frame item
  • Create custom splines for floor layout
  • Optionally separate roof layout from floor layout
  • Toss it in a Mograph Cloner Object or the Greyscale Gorilla City Kit for quick and beautiful cities!
  • Compatible with 3rd party renderers such as VRay, Arnold, or Octane just to name a few.
  • And so much more!

Learn how it works:

Reliable Support

We are dedicated to bringing you great support so when you find a bug, let us know! We are also always looking for exciting new ways to expand the product we feature requests are our best friend. We have put a lot of work into the product and we plan to keep making the best tools we can. We are dedicated to making this work for you. Drop an email to or get in touch through our contact form on our contact page if you need any help, have questions or concerns, would like to request a feature, or just want to say hello!


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