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I’ve been hard at work believe it or not to bring you this one. It took only 6 hours but it was 6 hours of no food, rest, or even bathroom breaks (luckily none were necessary). I have collectively taken the majority of my experience using thinking particles and turbulence fd to create a space nebula which you can fly through, place out in the distance in a space scene, or even render as a very large image to create a matte background (matte painting).


I hope you guys are as happy with the results as I am. I will be continually working hard to bring you great content like this.

Enjoy the scene files and I hope you learn a lot from this tutorial.

-Sam Welker

What you’ll be creating:

Project Files: Download link


Take it a step further by trying out some interesting techniques like doing a camera fly through, motion track it to footage of the sky, or something else rather creative like that. You can also create a black hole/wormhole/vortex sort of look by procedurally making the thinking particles travel in one direction then start to get sucked in another direction with spherical gravity. Thinking particles are powerful, you’re not limited to just that technique so go on and be creative with it.