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Our goal is to help our customers succeed. Think Particle is a motion graphics and visual effects company. We work with industry leading tools to create quality content material.

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We make presets, tools, and plugins for Artists and Studios. Used by some of the top studios and companies around the world our products overcome challenges and save you time! Learn why our products are used by CBS, Amazon, Nintendo, Avon, Britelite Immersive, and many others!

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Think Particle Tutorial 44 – Motion Capture for Creative Cloud Users

| Featured | No Comments

Introduction: If you are using creative cloud and you’re a 3D artist then you’re in luck! Mixamo.com has a toolset full of characters, character creation tools, animations, and more for…


Think Particle Tutorial 43 – Shading Explosions in Houdini with Octane

| Featured, Houdini, Octane Render, Rendering | No Comments

Rundown: In this video I go over techniques on how to create a custom shader for explosions using Octane for Houdini. This technique took a few tries to figure out the…


Think Particle Tutorial 42 – Houdini Particle Strands

| Featured, Houdini | No Comments

Rundown: In this video I go over techniques on how to create particle strands using the POP network in Houdini. We explore using the trail node in houdini with the…


Think Particle Tutorial 41 – Houdini Vortex Particles

| Featured, Houdini | No Comments

In this video I go over techniques on how to create complex and powerful vortex particle simulations. Using a lot of different techniques we sit down for an hour to…

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